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Whether it’s a newly designed KFC in France, a refurbished Starbucks in Belgium, a multi-site retail outlet in the UK, or the fit-out of a premium hotel, we’ve been an integral partner to Euro Garages since 2013 during a period of dramatic expansion for the company. With founders Zuber and Mohsin Issa meticulous in their approach, they trust us to deliver a wide variety of quality projects to tight deadlines and within budget.


Since the acquisition of a single petrol station in 2001, Euro Garages has taken the fuel and convenience market by storm.

One of the fastest-growing forecourt operators, it boasts an expanding portfolio of global brands across the UK and Europe, including Burger King, Subway, Starbucks and KFC.
Our relationship with Zuber and Mohsin began with the refurbishment of Euro Garages’ first motorway service station in 2013.

Since then, as its preferred fit-out partner, we have provided expertise in project management, design innovation and the fast delivery of projects to global brand specifications as Euro Garages has rolled out its key brands.

We’ve been commissioned to fit-out or refurbish multi-brand complexes, drive-thru sites and restaurants across the UK and Europe and deliver case goods to sites in Belgium and France.
Put simply, we absorb complexity and deliver simplicity, providing unbeatable quality of finish in Euro Garages’ food, fuel and retail environments.

“I was introduced to Thompsons by Starbucks, where they were on the preferred suppliers list. Now, I use them for all my food-to-go: KFC, Starbucks, Greggs.” – Euro Garages

Our Work

With Euro Garages dedicated to growing its European portfolio, we work closely with Zuber and Mohsin to take the difficulty out of overseas expansion.

In 2019, for example, for the six weeks we were on-site in their new 250sq m KFC outlet in Nice, we delivered a full internal fit-out of a new-build drive-thru.

With planning delays adding pressure to the tight pre-Christmas deadline, we prioritised speed to manufacture joinery and fully tile the unit, collaborating with Euro Garages’ electrical and plumbing contractors.

Elsewhere, Euro Garages trusts us to improve the standard design of its outlets, and our ability to use local innovations to solve portfolio-wide issues is highly valued.

We designed tiled skirting boards to replace metal fittings in a Starbucks outlet, for example, when rust and difficulty cleaning were reported by its operations team. We also designed metal angles for counters to protect against daily wear. Both these designs have been adopted widely by Euro Garages franchisees.

Meanwhile, as Euro Garages sets its sights on the growth of its latest new franchise brand, Hampton by Hilton, we have partnered with it to deliver the first hotel under the brand’s latest design.

The £18m fit-out of the 155-bedroom hotel is due for completion this year and looks set to be the first of several openings for Euro Garages.

How we added value

  • Quality – consistent, high-quality outlets delivered to global brand specifications
  • Innovation – cost-effective, durable design improvements implemented
  • Speed – tight deadlines met with no compromise on quality or budgets
  • Integrated service – expertise in project management, design and collaboration with contractors

Project Overview:

Client:Euro Garages
Location: More than 100 sites across the UK and northern Europe
Worked with since: 2013
Projects delivered: Fit-outs, renovation and case goods supply to retail and forecourt franchise outlets and hotels

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