Mowgli Street Food

Whether located in a busy shopping mall or a secluded courtyard, we have helped bring the Indian street food brand to life, ensuring its restaurants are in keeping with the surrounding area. We have delivered fit-out projects for Mowgli in Leicester, Leeds and Cheshire Oaks, and are in negotiations about a project in Glasgow in 2021.


After launching in Liverpool in 2014, Mowgli Street Food has expanded across the UK, with over ten restaurants providing a unique Indian food experience. Offering its customers a journey into lesser-known Indian cuisine, Mowgli’s restaurants reflect its food – informal dining with contemporary, creative and comfortable decor.

Thompsons has been working with Mowgli since 2019 and will have delivered three restaurant fit-outs for the brand by early 2021. While the design concept has remained the same, each of the projects have been very different, with site-specific designs influenced by the building the restaurant occupies.

Working closely with Mowgli’s appointed designer, we have provided detailed design and manufactured the joinery for each of the three sites. Using our in-house team, we developed the design for elements such as the “jailhouse tableˮ – a table made from a scaffold pole frame with a swinging rope seat. Our manufacturing facility then produced samples of each of the design elements for review and approval before manufacture and installation.

Our Work

Based in Saint Martins in Leicester, our first project was located in a very old building in a quaint secluded square. With the restaurant needing to honour the surrounding area, we worked with the design team to push the concept in that direction. The usual reclaimed bar frontage, zinc countertops and old rope swings were complemented with exposed brick walls and floor to ceiling windows, allowing for a fluid transition from the square to the restaurant interior.

In contrast, our second project in Leeds was based in a busy high street complex on Boar Lane. The restaurant features a modern version of the design concept with the ground floor feeling light, airy and spacious and the basement offering a more intimate and private dining experience. Covering two floors, the project involved some structural works to knock through to the basement and install a staircase. We also created a raised area on the ground floor, designed special bars and unique furniture, as well as the electrical installation.

Our third project is based in McArthurGlen’s Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet. Having started on-site on 23 November 2020, we are due to complete in early 2021.

How we added value

  • Best value – provided the best value for the client through early engagement.
  • Detailed design – provided detailed drawings based on the concept for each of the design elements.
  • In-house manufacturing – produced samples for approval and manufactured joinery items.
  • Exceeded expectations – met or exceeded programme expectations despite uncontrollable obstacles.


“Personally, I have had dealings with various members of the Thompsons business over the course of the last 8 or 9 years. Their attitude, attention to detail and desire to overcome issues in a swift and well thought out manner is second to none, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any other client seeking works. Elements of particular note which we as a business appreciate are the in-house manufacturing, allowing samples to be produced, reviewed, tweaked and approved quickly, strong supply chain to assist in quick turnaround, and the production of construction details in-house to assist in the completion of site works.”

Alistair Carberry Paterson

Estate Manager – Mowgli Street Food

Project Overview:

Client:Mowgli Street Food
Location: Leeds, Leicester and Cheshire Oaks
Worked with since: 2019
Projects delivered: Fit-out of new restaurants, including the installation of staircases and shopfronts.

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