Ramen restaurant chain Tonkotsu bounded into London’s vibrant restaurant scene in 2013, and as its founders have focused on expansion, we’ve partnered closely with them to create a consistent, recognisable and exciting 12-site brand. We’ve collaborated to fit out new units and refurbish existing restaurants, using our creativity to integrate novel bespoke elements at each site and help establish this fast-growing chain.


Tonkotsu’s journey in London’s restaurant market began with the opening of its first site in the heart of Soho seven years ago.

The independent chain has since expanded rapidly, opening a further 10 sites in London over the past six years and another in Birmingham in 2016.

Our relationship with Tonkotsu began when we were commissioned to refurbish the original three-story Soho site in 2017.

With that project successfully completed, we’ve worked with closely with co-founder Ken Yamada and his team to develop several further London units – including sites in Peckham, Shoreditch, Stratford, Battersea and Ealing – and are due to complete projects in Haggerston and Bankside in 2020.

With Tonkotsu passionate about establishing a recognisable, consistent, yet exciting brand identity, integrating creative solutions at each of its restaurants has been central to our bespoke joinery, fixtures and fittings.

But with speed and cost-effectiveness also key priorities, we’ve used our expertise in the sector to translate architects’ plans for premium finishes into affordable yet high-quality solutions. We’ve sourced alternative products to create the perfect look and feel for Tonkotsu’s restaurants, all within set timescales and budgets.

Our Work

Tonkotsu is keen to create an authentic, consistent, accessible feel across its restaurants, but also to include bespoke elements to make each unit truly unique.

With this in mind, we prioritised creative design by installing bespoke elements during the eight-week fit-out of the new 150sq m shell at its Shoreditch restaurant in autumn 2019.

Working with Moreno Massey Architecture’s design, we ensured buildability of the feature ceiling by adapting 16,000 recycled chopsticks which were inserted through ceiling rafts.

Throughout the rest of the fit-out of this new-build shell, we used our own expert team and managed various contractors to install a full restaurant with kitchen and seating areas.

In this and all our projects with Tonkotsu, we’ve used our expertise in the sector to create solutions to design challenges. We’ve managed and pre-empted issues with elements such as utilities, and seamlessly integrated direct kitchen and catering suppliers and contractors to provide a hassle-free, one-stop solution for Tonkotsu.

How we added value

  • Brand certainty – brand consistency delivered across all restaurants
  • Cost-effectiveness – premium quality products sourced within budget
  • Creativity – ensured buildability of feature ceiling by adapting 16,000 chopsticks
  • Outstanding customer experience – close collaboration with founders to deliver company expansion

Project Overview:

Location: Multiple sites in central, east and south London
Worked with since: 2017
Projects delivered: Refurbishments and fit-outs

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